Wednesday, 25 December 2013

nothing to do


hi peeps! andwaeyo it's my turn to cry naega halgeyo ♪♫ //humming and headbanging// lol doing head-banging while listening to ballad song. hahaha so weird never anyone do this even the weirdest people in the world lol. yeah that's me because i love this song so much as much as i love exo's derping (erk?) hahaha jk. i'm actually have nothing to do since luhan's girlfriend which is wifi is so suck thus i cannot open youtube. so here i am updating new entry since i've not writing it for such a long time. my last entry is about baby chanyeol's birthday and hahaha i'm so lazy to write anything eventhough i'm not going anywhere this holiday. just stay at home fangirling, eating, sleeping and babbling lol.

my internet line is so slow since tomorrow i hardly can't streaming smtown week. it's f(x) and exo concert yesterday and still continueing for today. we have 15 minutes and more until f(x) and exo concert day two start. and the bad news is i can't streaming and even can't spazzing at twiter. at least there's someone updating at my timeline but i hope i can online later on. lol tbh i've not watching the fancams for day one yet. i heard someone said minseok singing to candy and acting like a kid lol can't imagine how the oldest acted like the baby hahaha. as i watch the preview from the fansites unnie, baekhyun's hairstyle is so woow. he got perm hahaha. i think the hairstylist noona just doing that because his hair is getting longer so that's why they had done that.

as for chanyeol, lol he's so cute and shawty hot for sure. i just can't describe him i'm so speechless asdfghjkl. hahaha i'm sorry i just showcased you my crazy side kkk. i mean chanyeol is so cute that he can looks pretty, handsome, flawless and cute at the same time. i don't have the picture here but in tumblr you can found a tons of it. lol i just story about smtown week this entry should be random entry hahaha i should make a special entry about this concert. hmm don't so sure yet since the school is re-open soon i've to slowly hiatus sobs it's so sad.

so bye for now. i'm going to focus on smtown week exo and f(x) concert day two. see you all in twitter. annyeong!

Saturday, 30 November 2013




creys he looks so handsome with this hairstyle

hi peeps! it's chanyeol birthday! saeng-il chukhahamnida ♪♫ saeng-il chukhahamnida ♪♫ saranghaneun chanyeol oppa ♥ saeng-il chukhahamnida ♪♫ /claps woohoo. chanyeol i hope you will be bless in your life and be happier in your life. stay happy as you always be. and i wish that you can achieve your goal with success. i hope you and exo can be more hardworking idol and pls take care of yourself ok instead of worrying the fans. stay fab and cute and derp forever. and the most important, stay with baekhyun kkk.

chanyeol is the third member in exo i've ever stan after luhan and suho. hmm i'm literally start to love him and paying more attention towards him right after watching exo k's history music video a thousand of times. chanyeol is a diligent rapper and that's why i fall in love with him. he's deep voice aumm makes me melting. i just wanna hug him omg. there's a thousand reasons why i love him and it can't be describe with words lol. i just love everything about him.

looking back at the time when i stanning him for his looks. after a day and another i just realize his talents with his ability to play bass, drum and guitar. he even have once been in a band before debut. that's passionate love for music and his hardworking makes him casted as trainee by sm entertainment. then knowing him even more sometime makes me think that is it a person like park chanyeol ever live in the earth. i mean he's so perfect. he got looks, talents, his sense of variety is totally the best.


lol trying to compare this two pics. it's like two person with different personality. left chanyeol is so so so so cute with his angelic smile. this is when the ending part of mama 2013 where exo won album of the year bby i'm so proud of you srsly. while right chanyeol is when they departed back from hong kong to korea after mama. i'm speechless omo he looks very handsome with sunglasses, aww he's giving that f4 aura hahaa. yeah i admire this. even with his lips. chanyeol-ah save your tounge pls for the sake of my poor life sobs. so sexy!

wow this gonna be a long entry so far and it's all about chanyeol only. my handsome boy forever kkk. hahahaa you guys had no idea how my face turns red while writing this comment about chanyeol. gonna tell you, it's a hard thing to tell a complete reason why you love your bias. because the answer is all in your heart. right?

[trans] chanyeol's birthday message. (cr to owner) omg bby i'm touched

so bye until now. i writing this on 30 nov which means i'm late 3 days after chanyeol's birthdate. but i do celebrate it on twitter and it's trending worldwide for the whole day. but i'm just kind of don't have a time to update until now. last pic would be chanbaek spam pic lol. so sweet. annyeong! 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

comeback from hiatus


hi peeps! it has been a long time since i last wrote here /sigh. i need to study very hard for this year's semester one. and exam for sem one has officially ended yesterday with economy paper. hurrayy finally i got this freedom kkk. i will get more time to fangirling kkk. it so hard tho and i only got to enjoy this holiday just a month hmm it's okay i will enjoy it happily.

since the exam has ended, i hope i will pass with flying colours (like sehun's hair hahaa) so that i don't need to repeat next year. it will be extremely hard to recover for sem one while studying for the next sem. senior at my school always complain that they don't have enough time to study and rest at all plus it's wasting your money. because you need to pay for repeating the papers.

hmm i'm still thinking what to do on holiday. can i just eat sleep eat sleep spazz eat sleep for the whole day hahaa kidding. i want to take my license and learning hangul. also i want to exercise more because i'm 48 kg rn omg i need to work out. thus i want to learn to make more cake yummy i love cake. lol so many plan to do. let's wait and see which of this plan is really work hahaha. so bye for now. annyeong!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

attention! blog's url changed


hi, peeps! just a really short update right now. just to inform you guys that i've done changed my blog's url into a new one. into a very special's name which is . i thought it's a really good one i've made so far. but i'm still lacking. i should thinking of other name that more cute and fun and simple maybe.

and for you guys that had exchange link with me before, can you change my url? i will go and reach you by your blog for each of you. but before i pop out at your cbox, how about change it first. i may be a litle bit busy. thanks guys btw sorry for causing a lot of trouble. more stories by me after i ended my exam. so bye for now. annyeong!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

just my thought


hi peeps! it has been a long time since my last entry. hmm i've been so busy with studying these days because the final exam for semester one is coming nearer. today i just got to hold laptop because tomorrow is weekday. sigh finally, i've waited this day so badly. a week not surfing internet is not 'best' for me as i lost a lot of update about shinee, exo and other things.

as this terrible week has gone, i've done for many things especially things on my school. i guess next week will be a harder week for me as teachers have planning a tight schedule for extra classes, 'kem' and many more. hmm by the way i have a good news hihiihi. i got BAND 3 for MUET in TRIAL STPM. uwaa i feel so happy because this is my first time having this test and i can achieve this. insya-Allah for the real muet test i will score at least band 4 or 5. wish me for the best of luck okay. i'm practising to type here in english in order to improve my english better hihiihi support me okay despite of my broken english.

by the way, i've done watching kwill's new mv featuring park chanyeol and believe me darling he's so cute. aww such a cutiepie you know. yeah i know as chanyeol stan i should crying, screaming, having mental breakdown and others feeling while watching it but i can't help myself but looking and enjoying the perfect side of the man called park chanyeol. hahaa so cute and handsome. his acting is also purfect but i wish that girl is baekhyun or me hahahaa just kidding.

too much too handle in 4 minutes and 28 seconds. his smiling, laughing, giggling and even crying is so adorable. i mostly screaming when that scene which is chanyeol's brushing his teeth. aww so cutie. manyun there so cute. i'm imagining we just woke up and heading to washroom and brushing teeth together. hahaha just a dream. i think that i'm so freaking jealous right now but pffttt i don't need to waste my precious time for that not-so-beautiful model(?). i give my full attention towards chanyeol. only chanyeol.

instead of what i'm saying hmm i still have this feeling too in my heart. just like the other fangirls which is JEALOUS. although it's just an acting erghh stresseu while watching it. but lol i don't take it into my heart. i'm the type of person that don't make a bad thing leave a big impact on my heart. tho it will be a disease for me. i'm an easy-going person so just chill :)

just to tell to you that i only watch this mv once. just once friends did you believe that hahaa xd. for the teaser i've watched twice and above but this i cannot. lmao you have to understand me, i've a poor-heart of fangirl. i may screaming, crying or rather depressing (haha lol it's too much) because of chanyeol's perfectioness. it's too much to handle dear park chanyeol. now, i'm downloading that mv lalala but the internet connection is so slow ugh i guess the snail is the way more fast than it lol.

uwaaargh i've typing for so long. this is the longest entry i wrote (maybe?) and it's about my feeling towards chanyeol wow. so until here, let's meet on next time. hmm i guess i cannot be here too often or maybe not updating at all untill my exam is over. so, annyeong!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Kenapa orang Islam sembah kotak hitam


Kafir: Kenapa orang Islam sembah bangunan kain hitam tu? 
Muslim: Oh.. itu Ka'abah atau nama lainnya Baitullah 

Kafir: Baitullah tu apa? 
Muslim: Secara terjemahan mudah maknanya Rumah Allah. 

Kafir: Allah ada dalam tu?
Muslim: Tak..

Kafir: Jadi, kenapa sembah bangunan tu kalau Allah tak ada dalam tu?
Muslim: Yang aku sembah bukannya bangunan tu...

Kafir: Kau sembah apa?
Muslim: Aku sembah Allah SWT.

Kafir: Jadi, kenapa sembah bangunan tu?
Muslim: Aku menghadap sahaja ke arah Kaabah tetapi aku tak sembah Kaabah.

Kafir: Bukankah kau sujud ke arah Kaabah, maknanya kau sembah Kaabah la.
Muslim: Kau pernah tgk perlawanan bola dalam TV?

Kafir: Pernah.. selalu...
Muslim: Kau tengok TV ke tengok perlawanan bola?

Kafir: Tengok perlawanan bola la.
Muslim: Di mana?

Kafir: Dalam TV la...
Muslim: Cuba buka TV tu, tengok di dalamnya ada stadium dan perlawanan bola ke tak.

Kafir: Memanglah tak ada.. tapi itukan gambarnya ada...
Muslim: Bukalah dalam tv, tengok ada ke tak gambar perlawanan bola dalam tu.."

Kafir: Jadi...?
Muslim: Maknanya kau tengok TV, bukan perlawanan bola.. betul tak?

Kafir: Tak.. Aku tengok perlawanan bola la melalui TV tu...
Muslim: Peliknya...

Kafir: Sebab apa pulak pelik?
Muslim: Ye la, kau cakap tengok perlawanan bola, sedangkan aku tengok dalam TV tu tak ada apa-apa.. yang ada hanya wayar je berselirat...

Kafir: Memanglah dalam TV tu ada banyak wayar, tapi TV tu menayangkan gambar-gambar perlawanan bola dalamnya...
Muslim: Hmmm... jadi tak peliklah ni...?

Kafir: Ya.. tak pelik
Muslim: Jadi tak pelik jugalah aku sujud ke arah Kaabah untuk menyembah Allah swt.. walau pun dalam Kaabah tak ada Allah...

Kafir: Erk.. kau betul..

Semoga beroleh kefahaman dan manfaat.


sharing is not piracy but sharing is caring.

Monday, 7 October 2013

#SHINeeComebackSpecial and #HappyXingDay


yesterday was the day for SHINee comeback special and they performed their new songs at gangnam hallyu festival. shinee was the last idol to perform their song thus sm make it into their special stage in order to introduce to the fans their new songs in the mini album 'everybody'.

sm made a live streaming in youtube and i barely could watch it because it's maghrib time tho. when the talk session there's almost no lagging at all but it sucks when they performed symptoms and everybody. sobs even though i could watch talk session clearly but yeah you know me i can't understand hangul. hmm but it was nice because i can see many interactions between shinee and exo and it was worth to me. 

shinee was successfully performed six songs which is dream girl, lucifer, sherlock, selene 6.23, symptoms and everybody. sobs they performed selene 6.23 LIVE it's my favourite ballad song of shinee. jonghyun's vocal and high note, minho's sing and everything phhh so nice. they also performed while sitting on chair and ofc they've got their feeling. 

finally when shinee performed 'everybody' for the first time i was like being freeze for a while hahaa. everybody's choreo is quite fun and tiring. their outfits is like an officer with a hat as expected from the teaser hahaa. today sm has released a teaser for everybody's mv and i definitely can't wait for them to upload a full version. 

baekhyun and suho became the mc for shinee's comeback special along with jang hyunmoo (it's mucifer, yeah you know him lol). at the end of the event, all other exo members come out and greet fans. and believe me darling, you can see there's a lot of the shineexo interaction. i like their interactions of sunbae-hubae. they're supporting each other. that's why i stan this two group. they're so precious to me

yesterday's night also we've countdown to yixing's birthday. he's birthday is on 7 october and other exo members were wishing him on the stage after their own performance of growl. you can see them wished him in video here. 

exocythosises (lol haha it's fake) were trending #HappyXingDay on twitter in order to celebrate yixing's birthday. i'm not sure about this hashtag being on what number on worldwide trending but i believe on exo stans power. i'm not there at that time because i've to finish my homework and sleep. and talking about yixing, what i like the most about him is that he's smile is so cute especially he's pimples. aahhh i can't help myself but screaming seeing his pimples so cute so cute. he's smile, pimples and his cute face made a nice combination. he looks so cute. thanks to god

happy birthday boy! #HappyXingDay

Thursday, 26 September 2013




saeng-il chukka hamnida! saeng-il chukka hamnida! saranghaneun kibeom-shi! saeng-il chukka hamnida! uwaa uri kibeom has turned 23 in three days ago. 21st is chen's. 22nd is hyoyeon's while 23rd is key's. everyday is sm family's day lol.

i'm taking part along with fellow shawols on twitter for wishing him happy birthday (just like chen's) but unfortunately i have to give up too early as i sleep at 11.30 (hmm i guess) because so so sleeppy and tomorrow is school. by the way, we're trending this #키범아새일축하해 and it's going for top in worldwide trending. wow so many people has been love kibeommie :)

but it's disappointing enough that i only have today to update new entry. not like chen's birthday five days ago, i get to update once clock strikes 12am kst. but because of school i've to postpone until three days to make happy birthday entry. sobs sobs

above picture is kibeommie's grandma message to him. waa such a heartwarming grandmother. i love these pairing grandmother and grandson :)

기범이 생일축가 한다 사랑한다 할머나가

trans: kibeommie happy birthday. i love you so much. -grandmother

hmm by the way, 23rd september was also my birthdate. so that's mean key and i shared same birthdate. we're twin lol. and nothing special on my birthday. i just spent a whole day in school. but what's special about my birthday is that i'm celebrating it with my new friends and new classmates. it has been four months since i entered form six and now i've to prepare for exam. next week is trial while tomorrow i'll be following my mother to kl and melaka for some holiday huhuhu.

now, it's late already. i've to finish up my homework, study for awhile and packing up my clothes. wuuhuu i'm so excited just to think about my weekend holiday. so many works to do so annyeong peeps!

p/s: i will try to update an 'happy birthday entry' when it's SHINee or EXO members birthday :)

p/s/s: why there's too many spams on cbox i'm so stressed it's so annoying to identified whether it's bloggers or spammers erghh i hate it ㅎㅅㅎ

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Kpoppers Giveaway by Nanafana and Arina Azman !


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hi peeps! i'm quite busy at school today sobs sobs. having a tight schedule in school is a BIG NO to me. but i shouldn't sigh. as student, i have to fight for my success. for me to fulfill my wish to study abroad. at korea. insya Allah. and now let me introduce you to this giveaway. let's join this especially if you're kpoppers. you have an oppurtunity to win many KPOP ALBUM and KPOP MERCHANDISE. woohoo kpop album! want to know what album it is, please scroll down in  count 1 2 3 let's go (hahaha i got you)

jjajan! whoaa ^0^

-mystery present
-exo growl hug version
-infinite destiny
-super junior bonamana
-infinite new challenge
-exo shirt
-SHINee mirror
-bigbang mousepad
-and many more

this awesome giveaway started at 8 september and ended after two months which is 9 november. so don't lose the oppurtunity to win album. sobs sobs i wish i can win exo growl album!

p/s: sorry for my broken english

Saturday, 21 September 2013



happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. happy birthday to kim jongdae. happy birthday to you. *big claps* whoaa our chen is already turned 22 just now. chukkae! we exo stan will always love and support him no matter what happens. and please don't forget that we're your fans.

chen is trully special to other members of exo as well as to us exo stans. even though people saying that he's the bad dancer in exo but i and all exo stans will always admire him as our chensing machine. he's smile, he's laugh, he's angelic voice, he's high note, he's troll will never be boring to us. and even though chen is not my bias i do love and support him because here i stand as exo stans means that i love all twelve members in exo. did you get it? thanks ^^

i'd online on twitter since 10pm to participate for trending #HappyChenChenDay with other fellow exo stans and now that hashtag is trending 1st on worldwide until now. exo stans are totally daebak! my timeline is so busy, merrier and full with happy birthday wishes. and to tell you that, i see a lot of troll from chen tweeted by others. lol lol chen is really a king of troll. his troll is 100% true and funny. i could use some to troll my friends hahahaa

Post by Shawol.

i hope you can help me by clicking 'like' to my fanpage please. if i'm not updating here, i'll mostly be there. i want to be active on fanpage if i'm not updating blog (if i'm on break). btw, thanks for helping :)

p/s: german exo stans will get to see exo. german exo stans will have a chance to greet chen a happy birthday. damn they're so lucky ㅜㅜ

Friday, 20 September 2013

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Segmen: Klik-2 Iklan by Miss Kawaii


hi peeps. how are you doing right now? alhamdulillah, i'm fine. let's enjoy a segment that was made by fellow bloggers. all i want to get right now is money money money. you don't know how i'm craving for money right now. and greatly this segment is about clicking other friend linkies to get a money. yeah of course i will join.

just now i was realized how suho's presence is important to other exo members. like baekhyun has said, suho likes to sweep his cards for them hahaha. how i wish suho is with me right now to buy anything i want in this world. lol day dreaming again.

hahaha i'm sorry miss kawaii, the sponsor of this segment for talking randomness and use english but believe me i do this for the sake of my muet exam lol. btw, i've done all the rules :)

this is my link for you to click (click on the pic) :



p/s : sorry, if this picture is too annoying hahhaha #FoodPorn. click the banner to join :)

Thursday, 12 September 2013

SHINee - Selene 6.23 lyrics


Has any of you heard about SHINee's song entitled 'Selene 6.23'? That one SHINee released along with their 3rd album The Misconceptions Of Us - 8 August ago. So, i want to introduce this very best song to you. it doesn't matter if you're shawol or not. some of you maybe have heard this song so let's enjoy it once more with me. and ohh i almost forgot this, this song is a song that i made into my blog. so you will hear to selene 6.23 as you open my blog.

along with this entry, i compiled along the lyrics of selene 6.23's. the lyrics have a good meaning. it's about person that can't reach his/her beloved person. lol it suits me really well with my 'crush' hahaha. and believe me that this song is composed by our jonghyun. i'm so proud of him. big applause to him please~ he has done a good job.


(with individual parts)
[Onew] Nuneul matchwojwo meolliseo neoreul bomyeo honjatmallo soksagyeo
Geujeo han beon useojwo ne eolgulman bwado nan gyeondil su isseo

[Key] Hoksi sarmui kkeute nega seoitdamyeon
Jogeum deo gakkawojil su itdamyeon
[Minho] Nan modeun geol da beorin chaero neoege dallyeogal tende

[Jonghyun] Soneul deo ppeodeodo on himeul dahae ppeodeodo neon dachi anha
Gakkawojin deutae seollen mame bulleobwado
Daedap eobseo neon jeoldaero daheul su eomnabwa

[Taemin] Haruga dalli ([Minho] haruga) byeonhaneun
Ne moseubeun pogeunhi barkge bitna
Bonjeok eomneun dwitmoseup ([Jonghyun] neoui dwitmoseup)
Hogisimmajeodo nae yoksimilkka

[Minho] Eonjebuteo neowa hamkke haewasseulkka
Nuneul tteugo sumeul swin sunganbuteo ([Onew] woo baby)
[Key] Maeil bameul hamkke haenneunde ([Taemin] hamkke haenneunde)
Dagagal su eobseo

[Taemin] Soneul deo ppeodeodo ([Onew] nae soneul jabajwo)
On himeul dahae ppeodeodo ([Onew] ppeodeodo) neon dachi anha
[Key] Gakkawojin deutae seollen mame bulleobwado
Daedap eobseo neon ([Onew] missing you)
Jeoldaero daheul su eomnabwa

[Onew] Babogateun sorirago nal nollyeodo
Dollil su eobseo i mameun

[All] Sorichyeodo ([Jonghyun] sorichyeo bulleobwado)
Bunhan mame hwanaebwado soyongeobseo
Neoege nan geujeo sumanheun saram jung hana
Seuchyeogajanha ([Onew] seuchyeogajanha)
[Jonghyun] Negen teukbyeolhaji anha

[Taemin] Soneul ppeodeodo on himeul dahae ppeodeodo
([Jonghyun] nege dachi anha baby) dachi anha
[Onew] Gakkawojin deutae ([Key] sorichyeo bulleobwado)
Seollen mame bulleobwado ([Key] neoreul deo bulleobwado)
Daedap eobseo neon jeoldaero daheul su eomnabwa

[Jonghyun] Jeoldaero daheul su eomnabwa

English Translations:

Look at my eyes, I whisper alone as I look at you from far away
Just smile for me once, I can endure it just by seeing your face

If you are standing at the end of my life, if I can get closer to you
I can throw away everything and run to you

Though I extend my hand, though I extend it with all my strength, I can’t reach you
It seemed like I got closer so I called you with a fluttering heart
But there’s no answer, I guess I can never reach you

Every day changes so quickly and you are warmly and brightly shining
I’ve never seen that turned back (your back) – is curiosity also part of my greed?

Since when did I start being with you? From the moment I opened my eyes and started to breathe
I was with you every night (we were together) but I can’t approach you

Though I extend my hand (hold my hand), though I extend it with all my strength, I can’t reach you
It seemed like I got closer so I called you with a fluttering heart
But there’s no answer (missing you), I guess I can never reach you

Even if you tease me by saying this is foolish, I can't turn this heart around

I shout out loud (shout out loud and call you), I get angry but it’s no use
I’m just one out of the many people that pass by you (pass by you)
I’m not special to you

Though I extend my hand, though I extend it with all my strength, (I can’t reach you baby) I can’t reach you
It seemed like I got closer (so I shout outloud and call you) so I called you with a fluttering heart (I call out to you more)
But there’s no answer, I guess I can never reach you

I guess I can never reach you

i'm giving this link out for anyone to download this song. feel free to download it from here i give a credit to for letting me to copy paste hahaha. i do some research about what is the meaning of selene 6.23 and here what i've found.











credit to:

guys, thanks for spare your time with me while listening to this song. anyway do support SHINee in future and comment by entering a word or two about this song.

just to let you know that i do love a lot this song especially it's lyrics, it's melody but i'm sorry i'm not so good with expressing it :( maybe above picture could help lol (cute leader and maknae ^^)

p/s: sorry for my bad english. i'm still learning ㅋㅋㅋ 

Sunday, 1 September 2013



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thanks for those yang tagging aku untuk join nie. now, haa simple je aku nak cakap. hadiah semua merchandise exo, tempoh ga sekejap je dan yang paling bestnye sorang pemenang je dapat ketiga tiga hadiah ohsemm nie. hmmm berpeluang ke tak aku nak menang nie hahahaa. apa apa pun jom join dulu, menang ke tak belakang kira.

tagging :

4. dan kepada semua yang baca nie and nak join xD

Monday, 26 August 2013

Giveaway 2013 By Jaja


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3 hadiah yang paling aku nak menang :
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Sunday, 25 August 2013

1st Giveaway for Kpopers By Arina & Aireen


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  • Notebook Hello Kitty X 2 by Alya
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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Marilah berazam Raya bersama Faizal Tahir!


Hari Raya semakin hampir, maka tibalah masa untuk membuat azam Hari Raya anda! 

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Friday, 2 August 2013



Okay, malam ni tetiba teringat nak update post COMICS : RAINY DAY (HUNHAN) PART 1 yang sedikit terbengkalai. sepatutnya dah lama aku sambung story ni tapi lupa + busy + tak ingat punya pasal dah jadi stop gitu je. i'm so sorry! disebabkan malam ni aku free sikit jom sambung baca hunhan cp yang sweet mweet ni.

THE END. dah habis pun short story ni. happy ending kan? sweet je hunhan ni walaupun cuma rekaan jeㅋㅋㅋ. btw, semua hasil menarik ni ditulis oleh dan di-translate oleh 这不是梦.

okay, now done with credit. last but not least, aku bagi satu pic bonus untuk HUNHAN SHIPPER di luar sana yang sudi baca rainy day (hunhan cp) dekat blog aku. annyeong!

keep calm, dear fangirls!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013



click the banner to join.

salam bulan ramadhan al mubarak. mengambil kesempatan bulan yang mulia ni aku nak join giveaway yang dianjurkan oleh kak nisa dengan harapan murah rezeki untuk menang salah satu hadiahnya yang ohsem kebabomm. peplum dress, shawl, tudung dan banyak lagi. para pembaca yang sedang membaca entry ini di saat ini, aku jemput korang join sekaki nanti korang menyesal mula la menangis empat hari tiga malam pun tak habis. tempoh giveaway ni sekejap je cuma seminggu je. so jom join cepat cepat !

doakan aku murah rezeki untuk menang ek, cute chingu ^^ dapat la aku bergaya sakan raya nanti hahaha

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

new skin, hiatus and my mood today


Onew is a cute boy of mine xD

Hi people and annyeong ^^ I'm planning to change my blogskin into some other skin that are more beautiful but have a simple and cute concept. btw i'm not found the right one yet (just found it). just to tell to you guys that my blog will be in renovation but i don't know when it will happen yet. don't get shocked if my blog changed soon kkk and do show your support to me okay!

btw i've not updating my blog for such in a long time because i'm in HIATUS. not because i'm disconnected from internet but because i'm busy for studying and preparing for exam in november. omg it just around the corner and i'm still here fangirling on twitter over bias. aigoo. from nowadays, insya-Allah i will show my hardworking side on me in order to success in my study.

i'm in a good mood today that my crush smiled a lot to me. he also parked his motorcycle beside mine at school today kkk. i'm happy enough because i know that he know that's my motorcycle hihihi. btw today also my sim card has been repaired now i can use my phone yoo hooo. thanks to my father ^^

p/s: sorry for my broken english. at least i'm trying to write using english.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Tagging game


Actually ada 5 kpoppers blogger yang tag aku untuk main tagging game ni tapi sorry sangat sangat. hanya tag dari seorang blogger je yang boleh aku join. kalau nak join belaka habis la aku nak menjawab soalan je memanjang hahaha. dah macam exam plak nanti. btw straight to the point. let's start with the game ^^


1. Post this rules
2. Write 11 things about yourself
3. Answer the question the tagger set to you
4. Create 11 new questions for those you want tag
5. Choose 11 bloggers to be tagged and link them to the post
6. You are not allowed to tag back

11 things about me

1. hardcore kpoppers - multifandom
2. form 6 student (lower six)
3. 155cm eighteen girls (so short right)
4. suka pendam perasaan sensorang. erk
5. pemalu bila first time jumpa. bila dah lama, korang akan dapati aku nie sengal orangnya
6. running man lover. jihyo's stan :D
7. enjoyed variety show so much
8. tak suka tangguh kerja
9. ada impian nak futher study kat Korea
10. suka buat lawak bongok :P
11. sayang family sangat sangat

Questions from Fara and here goes the answer xD

1. Adakah anda percaya akan cinta pandang pertama ?

Yup. simple je alasan aku. 'dari mata turun ke hati'. lagipun kalau dah berkenan, apa salahnya kkk.

2. Love or friend ? Pilih satu dan kenapa ?

hahaha can't choose. dua dua ni perlu dalam hidup aku

3. Sikap orang sekeliling yang anda palinggg tidak suka .

Hahaha kalau nak ikutkan tu memang ada. tapi kalau boleh aku elakkan. cuba fikir positif tentang orang lain. yelah, kita bajet tak suka orang lain tapi tak sedar orang pun tak suka diri kita. tak ke naya kalau macam tu

4. Your ultimate bias . Kenapa dia ?

SHINee's leader Onew. because he is he. i love everything about him. his sweet voice. his angel smile. his milky skin. and most of it i love his 'onew condition'

5. Nyatakan 5 ideal type anda .

first memahami aku. second boleh bimbing aku. third menyenangkan jiwa. forth fanboy. fifth macam onew ㅋㅋㅋ (ni first time aku tulis ideal type aku lol)

6. Your favourite month in a year . Why ?

September. because it's my birth month

7. If you could be invisible for one hour, where would you go and what would you do ?

to SHINee's dorm. go go -..-

8. Suka makan sayur tak ? HAHAHA ._.

Tak, tapi suka salad and carrot hahaha

9. Gambar bias korang yang PALING korang suka . Satu je ._.

10. What did you want your bias to be ? Best friend or lover ?

kalau dalam anganan maybe nak bias jadi lover. tapi sejujurnya aku lebih suka depa jadi bestfriend. mesti best ada bff yang good-looking, sporting, funny and etc lah. dan boleh lepak kat mana mana kasi jeles fangirl 'wooii bff aku idol wehh hahaha' jk jk

11. Jika anda mendapat berita tentang /cough/ kematian /cough/ bias anda, apakah perasaan anda pada waktu dan tika itu ? ㅠㅠ

wah serius kejam gila soalan nie hahaha. hmm of course sedih gila gila. mana taknya, kita dah minat dia sangat sangat, support dia, dengar lagu dia, save gambar/video dia dalam laptop and tengok tiap tiap hari, berjaga sampai pagi buta semata mata nak tunggu mv baru release, poster dia ada penuh bertepek kat dinding bilik tidur, online twitter spazz pasal dia. mental breakdown pun sebab dia. haa semuanya dia. tup tup dia dah takde. sedih wuuu

There's goes my question to you!

1. what is your favourite song from your bias group?
2. sebarang kritikan untuk diri sendiri?
3. nyatakan variety show kegemaran korang.
4. apa haiwan kerdil yang korang paling takuti? dan kenapa?
5. what's one thing that you love the most besides your bias?
6. apa perkara penting yang korang selalu buat sebelum tidur.
7. perkara terakhir yang buat korang gelak sampai guling guling.
8. apa sumber inspirasi anda dan kenapa?
9. korang ditakdirkan jadi princess dalam satu fantasy world. siapa yang korang pilih jadi prince?
10. nyatakan poster yang paling korang sayang.
11. letak gambar ultimate bias yang korang paling suka ^^

hmm tu saja soalan mengarut dari aku. hope korang dapat jawab dengan baik lol. hahaha tapi soalan soalan ni macam merepek je banyak sebenarnya ㅋㅋㅋ. takde modal nak reka soalan dah sebenarnya. ok time for tagging. aku tag random je setakat kpoppers yang aku kenal dalam dunia blog ni. kalau nampak aku terjah kat cbox korang tu ha ye lah korang yang aku pilih untuk jadi insan terpilih untuk jawab soalan aku tu lol.

Annyeong ^^

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Samsung Digital Camera Giveaway by Nabeel Fikree


Korang tau ke Nabeel Fikree sekarang tengah mencari pemenang untuk Samsung Camera Digital Giveaway dia tu? Kalau korang tak tau, haaa mari sini saya kasi tau. Sebelum tu, saya nak bagitau korang syarat nak join giveaway ni pun senang je.

Giveaway ni dibuat sebagai tanda terima kasih kepada pembaca blog nabeelstories katanye. Saya malas nak cakap panjang lagi, terus je bagi korang baca syaratnya :

  1. Follow blog
  2. Buat satu entri bertajuk Samsung Digital Camera Giveaway by Nabeel Fikree
  3. Sila copy code yang telah disediakan dan paste pada ruangan HTML entry
  4. Tinggalkan link penyertaan pada ENTRY INI sahaja

Macam mana? Senang je kan? Saya join ni pun sekadar ingin mencuba nasib. Manalah tau kot2 terpilih dapat jugak posing depan kamera baru hari2. Hehee..


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Currently in love with..


Semenjak dua menjak ni aku rasa aku dah jatuh cinta kat SHINee la hehe. so aku stalk la pasal dorang kat youtube, twitter, tumblr, weheartit, me2day, LINE.. haa apa lagi lol banyak gila. sepanjang aku stalk pasal dorang ni aku rasa macam dah tersuka dengan dorang and nak jadi Shawol tegar. huhuhu serius best perasaan in love with SHINee. setiap apa yang aku buat, keadaan dalam realiti ni mesti teringat kat SHINee. bytheway, aku dah tengok SHINee Hello Baby. serius best and exciting gilaa. I love all of the members and this is the best variety show I've ever seen.

Apa apa yang berlaku dekat SHINee pun aku dah semakin alert sekarang. dari schedule dorang, variety show, reality show and update dorang sendiri pun aku ikut. sekarang dah berlambak fanbase kat twitter so bila SHINee members ada schedule kat mana mana, aku dapat la enjoy gambar diorang. fantaken pun jadi la. and lagi satu pasal gossip dorang. oh no pasal tu aku sensitif skit. especially bila baca komen netizen. oh sungguh kejamnya mereka, tidak berhati perut langsung. dah tutup cerita. kang tacing plak ㅜ_ㅜ

Ehem ehem tapi tu tak bermakna aku dah lupakan BTOB. no no no. diorang rookie yang paling daebak pernah aku minat. cuma sekarang aku macam semi-hiatus bila spazz pasal diorang. tapi sejak btob dah comeback dengan Second Confession ah mood btob aku dah on balik. lagi lagi bila tengok MV Second Confession. 100x kiyeowo! BTOB tak pernah kecewakan Melodies. BTOB jjang!

Jeng jeng jeng so secara rasminya aku nak umum kat blog ni yang aku ni Shawol and Melody! my two ultimate fandom is SHINee and BTOB. hihihi happy to be part of Shawol and Melody :)

Theme blog ni lebih kepada Melody. kat mana mana cerok blog ni mesti ada pic BTOB pastu Minhyuk kkk. Patut ke aku tukar kepada SHINee plak? or campur dua dua biar nampak identiti Shawol and Melody? hmm entah la aku tak tau lagi. tapi nak tukar blogskin lain plak payah la skit tambahan plak aku ni bukannya pro sangat dengan code ni.

p/s : bercadang nak tukar blogskin tapi kena tunggu free sikit baru kerja meng-edit menjadi lancar. okbye :)

2nd p/s : twitter acc untuk spazz about SHINee. follow me @helloimshawol. promote skit kbye (real goodbye)