Saturday, 31 December 2016

I hate parting ways


Dah lama benar tak update blog ni. Tup tup tiba tiba rasa nak update new entry. Last post update pasal semester dua masa nak dekat final. Sekarang ni tengah final semester tiga dah. Lama gila tinggal blog ni. Expectation nak up something yang best tapi in reality, nak luahkan perasaan je. But more about opinion.

Tetiba hari ni terpanggil nak luah perasaan ni. Mungkin sebab that certain feeling hit me just now. Tulis kat diari memang tak la. Takkan pernah kot. I've never like parting ways or saying goodbye. Tak kira berpisah untuk sekejap je atau lama ke, I'm suck at it to be honest. Mungkin sebab dari form one sampai la ke form six tak pernah berpisah dengan family. Especially sebab adik adik masih kecil lagi. So bila dah masuk universiti life ni, terpaksa la terpisah.

Bercakap pasal susah nak berpisah dengan family bila cuti dah nak habis ni, biasanya I akan target bila next cuti pastu buat reminder kat myself macam "Bulan depan balik lagi so relaks la sebulan sekejap je berlalu". Masa balik study week baru ni dekat dua minggu, nak berpisah berat hati. Lepas tu ingatkan diri sendiri cakap, "Alaa balik u sebab nak exam je ni kejap je ni lepastu freedom". Haa tengok punya childish sikit diri tu hahaha.

I hate saying goodbye. HATE IT THE MOST. But yeah this is life, you're gonna had to endure it no matter what. The reason why I feel upset about parting is because I always had this negative mind that I didn't do or treat them better that now we're about to part. Especially at people you love the most. In my case it is my family. My parents and my siblings. Because I'm suck at expressing my love through WORDS, I often show it through my ACTION. Hope that they could feel my sincerity.

Talk about siblings, bila depan depan memang la gaduh, mengusik je kerjanya. Tapi still sayang. Gila sape tak sayang siblings. Orang paling dekat dengan kita lepas mak ayah kot. Impian setiap orang mesti nak berjasa dengan adik beradik sendiri kan. Jangan pernah berkira dengan adik beradik. My wish is to usaha kuat kuat dalam bisnes lepas tu nak belanja family. Bawak dorang bercuti, buat umrah sama sama. Susah senang sama sama. Gelak sama sama. Menangis sama sama. Makan sama sama.

But sometimes I feel that I'm kind of lucky to have this feeling and thoughts lingering in my mind. Sebab kesedaran tu dah wujud, yang penting cuma kena maintain je la. Dan jangan lupa diri. Harapnya siblings yang lain pun macam ni la. Sama sama kita jadi satu, bahagiakan umi dan abah. Till jannah okay :)

Friday, 13 May 2016

Semester II


Hi fellow friends. It has been a very long time since I've updated here. Suddenly I miss to update here though it's nothing special at all. Just opened my laptop and the wifi worked well with the laptop and thought why not if I update one.

It's cloudy outside. For your information, the rain has not hit UMK since two month or more. The weather is always scotching hot even at the night. Just imagine going to class back and forth in this insanely hot weather I would've spend my time in the library for the sake of the air conditioner lol.

For this past two weeks I've been worked crazily for the accounting and business math assignments as well as entrepreneur behavious's presentation. Only Allah knows how exhausted I am during this time of the semester. Not to mention that we also got many programs to attend. Just last week I went to Tumpat for my course's activity. It was fun indeed to steal some time despite of the hectic schedule.

So just yesterday my group members and I had finally hand in the assignment, and know I feel so leisure. Only students know this feeling after they have submitted the assignment. It was so heaven. But I still have one in pending which is marketing second assignment and the presentation on this upcoming thursday.

My baby baekhyun released a new song last night. It is called The Day, a duo project with Kwill for SM Station. I love ballad so so much and I'm enjoying it a lot. He's improving so much in his vocal. My baby finally grew up. Hahahaa. Look at the amount of the fangirling I've keep it aside during the busy time until now it is overflowing so much. Pity me.

I still have two weeks until study week started. Then I got two weeks of study week leave because my paper started later than others. After that, semester break for two months or more. Yeahh I can't wait for that seriously. I miss my family and kitten so much. It has been a month or more since I last coming back to home sobs.

So that's all for now. I will come back next time. Bye!