Saturday, 30 November 2013




creys he looks so handsome with this hairstyle

hi peeps! it's chanyeol birthday! saeng-il chukhahamnida ♪♫ saeng-il chukhahamnida ♪♫ saranghaneun chanyeol oppa ♥ saeng-il chukhahamnida ♪♫ /claps woohoo. chanyeol i hope you will be bless in your life and be happier in your life. stay happy as you always be. and i wish that you can achieve your goal with success. i hope you and exo can be more hardworking idol and pls take care of yourself ok instead of worrying the fans. stay fab and cute and derp forever. and the most important, stay with baekhyun kkk.

chanyeol is the third member in exo i've ever stan after luhan and suho. hmm i'm literally start to love him and paying more attention towards him right after watching exo k's history music video a thousand of times. chanyeol is a diligent rapper and that's why i fall in love with him. he's deep voice aumm makes me melting. i just wanna hug him omg. there's a thousand reasons why i love him and it can't be describe with words lol. i just love everything about him.

looking back at the time when i stanning him for his looks. after a day and another i just realize his talents with his ability to play bass, drum and guitar. he even have once been in a band before debut. that's passionate love for music and his hardworking makes him casted as trainee by sm entertainment. then knowing him even more sometime makes me think that is it a person like park chanyeol ever live in the earth. i mean he's so perfect. he got looks, talents, his sense of variety is totally the best.


lol trying to compare this two pics. it's like two person with different personality. left chanyeol is so so so so cute with his angelic smile. this is when the ending part of mama 2013 where exo won album of the year bby i'm so proud of you srsly. while right chanyeol is when they departed back from hong kong to korea after mama. i'm speechless omo he looks very handsome with sunglasses, aww he's giving that f4 aura hahaa. yeah i admire this. even with his lips. chanyeol-ah save your tounge pls for the sake of my poor life sobs. so sexy!

wow this gonna be a long entry so far and it's all about chanyeol only. my handsome boy forever kkk. hahahaa you guys had no idea how my face turns red while writing this comment about chanyeol. gonna tell you, it's a hard thing to tell a complete reason why you love your bias. because the answer is all in your heart. right?

[trans] chanyeol's birthday message. (cr to owner) omg bby i'm touched

so bye until now. i writing this on 30 nov which means i'm late 3 days after chanyeol's birthdate. but i do celebrate it on twitter and it's trending worldwide for the whole day. but i'm just kind of don't have a time to update until now. last pic would be chanbaek spam pic lol. so sweet. annyeong! 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

comeback from hiatus


hi peeps! it has been a long time since i last wrote here /sigh. i need to study very hard for this year's semester one. and exam for sem one has officially ended yesterday with economy paper. hurrayy finally i got this freedom kkk. i will get more time to fangirling kkk. it so hard tho and i only got to enjoy this holiday just a month hmm it's okay i will enjoy it happily.

since the exam has ended, i hope i will pass with flying colours (like sehun's hair hahaa) so that i don't need to repeat next year. it will be extremely hard to recover for sem one while studying for the next sem. senior at my school always complain that they don't have enough time to study and rest at all plus it's wasting your money. because you need to pay for repeating the papers.

hmm i'm still thinking what to do on holiday. can i just eat sleep eat sleep spazz eat sleep for the whole day hahaa kidding. i want to take my license and learning hangul. also i want to exercise more because i'm 48 kg rn omg i need to work out. thus i want to learn to make more cake yummy i love cake. lol so many plan to do. let's wait and see which of this plan is really work hahaha. so bye for now. annyeong!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

attention! blog's url changed


hi, peeps! just a really short update right now. just to inform you guys that i've done changed my blog's url into a new one. into a very special's name which is . i thought it's a really good one i've made so far. but i'm still lacking. i should thinking of other name that more cute and fun and simple maybe.

and for you guys that had exchange link with me before, can you change my url? i will go and reach you by your blog for each of you. but before i pop out at your cbox, how about change it first. i may be a litle bit busy. thanks guys btw sorry for causing a lot of trouble. more stories by me after i ended my exam. so bye for now. annyeong!