Tuesday, 26 November 2013

comeback from hiatus


hi peeps! it has been a long time since i last wrote here /sigh. i need to study very hard for this year's semester one. and exam for sem one has officially ended yesterday with economy paper. hurrayy finally i got this freedom kkk. i will get more time to fangirling kkk. it so hard tho and i only got to enjoy this holiday just a month hmm it's okay i will enjoy it happily.

since the exam has ended, i hope i will pass with flying colours (like sehun's hair hahaa) so that i don't need to repeat next year. it will be extremely hard to recover for sem one while studying for the next sem. senior at my school always complain that they don't have enough time to study and rest at all plus it's wasting your money. because you need to pay for repeating the papers.

hmm i'm still thinking what to do on holiday. can i just eat sleep eat sleep spazz eat sleep for the whole day hahaa kidding. i want to take my license and learning hangul. also i want to exercise more because i'm 48 kg rn omg i need to work out. thus i want to learn to make more cake yummy i love cake. lol so many plan to do. let's wait and see which of this plan is really work hahaha. so bye for now. annyeong!

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