Friday, 14 February 2014

kpop tag game


hi peeps! today is the weekday and i was a little bit leisure today i decided to update a post and while checking up my cbox i found someone tagged me with this tag game. here we go yehet ^^ thanks to neko.

rule 1 : post the rules
rule 2 : answer the questions the tagger asked you, then make 11 new ones
rule 3 : tag 11 people and link them to your post
rule 4 : let them know you've tagged them

1. who is your bias?
of course it's chanyeol. park chanyeol

2. why do you like him?
i started to fall in love with him starting from mama era. while watching history mv i was like 'whoaa who is that guy.' his voice when he rap is so deep. and i stalking him more and more. then now i know my choice is definitely true. he had showcased many of his charm side. he can rap, sing, play with instrument, funny and many more. and now he's becoming more cute, handsome and so hot arghhh i love his smile i don't know what to do with him anymore grrrr

3. how can you like him? *just a simple answer
because of his existence (it's really simple yet true)

4. the most picture of your bias that you like
it's so-many tbh but this is the best

5. which kpop group that you like most?
it's obviously exo hahaha. second will be shinee

6. do you have any kpop thing?
sobs i only have a few of albums, posters and mcm backpack. having just a little kpop merch doesn't mean i'm useless fan right

7. your favourite kpop song?
all exo's and shinee's songs. but i like 'growl' and 'don't go' the best while 'aside' and 'selene 6.23' for shinee

8. music video of kpop song that you like?
exo growl second version. that's so aweeesome

9. who is the best couple for your bias?
it's BAEKYEOL. arghh i can't stop screaming at the thought of them. they were so cute together i mean look at their height difference. they love to tease each other and were noisy together. baekhyun once mentioned that if he was a girl he would like to date with chanyeol. and chanyeol had 'confess' to baekhyun twice in 2013 back then. that's so sweet and just to let you know that chanbaek is my fav otp

10. if you get a chance to go to korea, who do you bias want to see first?
i don't understand this question but i think it's who do you want to see first. once again i would say like this. OF COURSE IT'S CHANYEOL and exo. also all sm town family. and jihyo

11. if your bias read all post in your blog, how your reaction?
'err.. would you marry me park chanyeol?'. hahaha i would totally be cramped out

answer this question juseyo
1. who is your first bias?
2. have you ever go to concert/fanmeet or such?
3. since when did you like kpop?
4. are you a fanfic lover? state your fav story if yes
5. what is your fav song?
6. what is one of your fav variety show?
7. are you a chicken lover? (kkkk)
8. what is your best memories with your bias?
9. what is your bias' ideal type that suit yourself?
10. did you have a sporting parents that wouldn't be mad while you fangirling?
11. what is the best of you that your bias might fall in love with you?

random tag :

1. HunHan
2. Lauryn
3. Baek
5. ExoKidz
6. Aera
9. i don't have other contact anymore yes i'm anti-social
10. all of you that read this
11. ㅠ.ㅠ

if you don't mind, do drop your link under the title (at the comment form) because i would like to read your reply kkkk btw thanks and annyeong! :)

Tuesday, 11 February 2014



hi peeps! i'm so busy these days plus many bad things happened at me //sigh// just ignore about it. i have to be strong just for myself not anyone else. i don't need anyone to make me happier. just me and myself. and i just need Allah by my side insya-Allah. there's a reason why these things happened. and so, i will not updating these days. result will be out on 17hb feb. i'm so scared wish me for high grades please Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin