Wednesday, 25 December 2013

nothing to do


hi peeps! andwaeyo it's my turn to cry naega halgeyo ♪♫ //humming and headbanging// lol doing head-banging while listening to ballad song. hahaha so weird never anyone do this even the weirdest people in the world lol. yeah that's me because i love this song so much as much as i love exo's derping (erk?) hahaha jk. i'm actually have nothing to do since luhan's girlfriend which is wifi is so suck thus i cannot open youtube. so here i am updating new entry since i've not writing it for such a long time. my last entry is about baby chanyeol's birthday and hahaha i'm so lazy to write anything eventhough i'm not going anywhere this holiday. just stay at home fangirling, eating, sleeping and babbling lol.

my internet line is so slow since tomorrow i hardly can't streaming smtown week. it's f(x) and exo concert yesterday and still continueing for today. we have 15 minutes and more until f(x) and exo concert day two start. and the bad news is i can't streaming and even can't spazzing at twiter. at least there's someone updating at my timeline but i hope i can online later on. lol tbh i've not watching the fancams for day one yet. i heard someone said minseok singing to candy and acting like a kid lol can't imagine how the oldest acted like the baby hahaha. as i watch the preview from the fansites unnie, baekhyun's hairstyle is so woow. he got perm hahaha. i think the hairstylist noona just doing that because his hair is getting longer so that's why they had done that.

as for chanyeol, lol he's so cute and shawty hot for sure. i just can't describe him i'm so speechless asdfghjkl. hahaha i'm sorry i just showcased you my crazy side kkk. i mean chanyeol is so cute that he can looks pretty, handsome, flawless and cute at the same time. i don't have the picture here but in tumblr you can found a tons of it. lol i just story about smtown week this entry should be random entry hahaha i should make a special entry about this concert. hmm don't so sure yet since the school is re-open soon i've to slowly hiatus sobs it's so sad.

so bye for now. i'm going to focus on smtown week exo and f(x) concert day two. see you all in twitter. annyeong!