Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I LOVE GIVEAWAY by www.nisakay.com


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salam bulan ramadhan al mubarak. mengambil kesempatan bulan yang mulia ni aku nak join giveaway yang dianjurkan oleh kak nisa dengan harapan murah rezeki untuk menang salah satu hadiahnya yang ohsem kebabomm. peplum dress, shawl, tudung dan banyak lagi. para pembaca yang sedang membaca entry ini di saat ini, aku jemput korang join sekaki nanti korang menyesal mula la menangis empat hari tiga malam pun tak habis. tempoh giveaway ni sekejap je cuma seminggu je. so jom join cepat cepat !

doakan aku murah rezeki untuk menang ek, cute chingu ^^ dapat la aku bergaya sakan raya nanti hahaha

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

new skin, hiatus and my mood today


Onew is a cute boy of mine xD

Hi people and annyeong ^^ I'm planning to change my blogskin into some other skin that are more beautiful but have a simple and cute concept. btw i'm not found the right one yet (just found it). just to tell to you guys that my blog will be in renovation but i don't know when it will happen yet. don't get shocked if my blog changed soon kkk and do show your support to me okay!

btw i've not updating my blog for such in a long time because i'm in HIATUS. not because i'm disconnected from internet but because i'm busy for studying and preparing for exam in november. omg it just around the corner and i'm still here fangirling on twitter over bias. aigoo. from nowadays, insya-Allah i will show my hardworking side on me in order to success in my study.

i'm in a good mood today that my crush smiled a lot to me. he also parked his motorcycle beside mine at school today kkk. i'm happy enough because i know that he know that's my motorcycle hihihi. btw today also my sim card has been repaired now i can use my phone yoo hooo. thanks to my father ^^

p/s: sorry for my broken english. at least i'm trying to write using english.