Saturday, 21 September 2013



happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. happy birthday to kim jongdae. happy birthday to you. *big claps* whoaa our chen is already turned 22 just now. chukkae! we exo stan will always love and support him no matter what happens. and please don't forget that we're your fans.

chen is trully special to other members of exo as well as to us exo stans. even though people saying that he's the bad dancer in exo but i and all exo stans will always admire him as our chensing machine. he's smile, he's laugh, he's angelic voice, he's high note, he's troll will never be boring to us. and even though chen is not my bias i do love and support him because here i stand as exo stans means that i love all twelve members in exo. did you get it? thanks ^^

i'd online on twitter since 10pm to participate for trending #HappyChenChenDay with other fellow exo stans and now that hashtag is trending 1st on worldwide until now. exo stans are totally daebak! my timeline is so busy, merrier and full with happy birthday wishes. and to tell you that, i see a lot of troll from chen tweeted by others. lol lol chen is really a king of troll. his troll is 100% true and funny. i could use some to troll my friends hahahaa

Post by Shawol.

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p/s: german exo stans will get to see exo. german exo stans will have a chance to greet chen a happy birthday. damn they're so lucky ㅜㅜ