Saturday, 14 September 2013

Segmen: Klik-2 Iklan by Miss Kawaii


hi peeps. how are you doing right now? alhamdulillah, i'm fine. let's enjoy a segment that was made by fellow bloggers. all i want to get right now is money money money. you don't know how i'm craving for money right now. and greatly this segment is about clicking other friend linkies to get a money. yeah of course i will join.

just now i was realized how suho's presence is important to other exo members. like baekhyun has said, suho likes to sweep his cards for them hahaha. how i wish suho is with me right now to buy anything i want in this world. lol day dreaming again.

hahaha i'm sorry miss kawaii, the sponsor of this segment for talking randomness and use english but believe me i do this for the sake of my muet exam lol. btw, i've done all the rules :)

this is my link for you to click (click on the pic) :



p/s : sorry, if this picture is too annoying hahhaha #FoodPorn. click the banner to join :)


  1. Thank you for joining this segmen ^^ done klik ketiga-tiga iklan :)

    Senarai peserta telah pun update, boleh check di sini sambil bw+klik2 iklan peserta lain

    P/s: The picture is so delicious~ XD lol, good luck!

  2. @Kawaii Gurlzz

    your welcome. thanks btw. hahaa lol ikr. it makes everyone hungry ^^

  3. Done klik :D Do mine ? ;)