Thursday, 24 October 2013

just my thought


hi peeps! it has been a long time since my last entry. hmm i've been so busy with studying these days because the final exam for semester one is coming nearer. today i just got to hold laptop because tomorrow is weekday. sigh finally, i've waited this day so badly. a week not surfing internet is not 'best' for me as i lost a lot of update about shinee, exo and other things.

as this terrible week has gone, i've done for many things especially things on my school. i guess next week will be a harder week for me as teachers have planning a tight schedule for extra classes, 'kem' and many more. hmm by the way i have a good news hihiihi. i got BAND 3 for MUET in TRIAL STPM. uwaa i feel so happy because this is my first time having this test and i can achieve this. insya-Allah for the real muet test i will score at least band 4 or 5. wish me for the best of luck okay. i'm practising to type here in english in order to improve my english better hihiihi support me okay despite of my broken english.

by the way, i've done watching kwill's new mv featuring park chanyeol and believe me darling he's so cute. aww such a cutiepie you know. yeah i know as chanyeol stan i should crying, screaming, having mental breakdown and others feeling while watching it but i can't help myself but looking and enjoying the perfect side of the man called park chanyeol. hahaa so cute and handsome. his acting is also purfect but i wish that girl is baekhyun or me hahahaa just kidding.

too much too handle in 4 minutes and 28 seconds. his smiling, laughing, giggling and even crying is so adorable. i mostly screaming when that scene which is chanyeol's brushing his teeth. aww so cutie. manyun there so cute. i'm imagining we just woke up and heading to washroom and brushing teeth together. hahaha just a dream. i think that i'm so freaking jealous right now but pffttt i don't need to waste my precious time for that not-so-beautiful model(?). i give my full attention towards chanyeol. only chanyeol.

instead of what i'm saying hmm i still have this feeling too in my heart. just like the other fangirls which is JEALOUS. although it's just an acting erghh stresseu while watching it. but lol i don't take it into my heart. i'm the type of person that don't make a bad thing leave a big impact on my heart. tho it will be a disease for me. i'm an easy-going person so just chill :)

just to tell to you that i only watch this mv once. just once friends did you believe that hahaa xd. for the teaser i've watched twice and above but this i cannot. lmao you have to understand me, i've a poor-heart of fangirl. i may screaming, crying or rather depressing (haha lol it's too much) because of chanyeol's perfectioness. it's too much to handle dear park chanyeol. now, i'm downloading that mv lalala but the internet connection is so slow ugh i guess the snail is the way more fast than it lol.

uwaaargh i've typing for so long. this is the longest entry i wrote (maybe?) and it's about my feeling towards chanyeol wow. so until here, let's meet on next time. hmm i guess i cannot be here too often or maybe not updating at all untill my exam is over. so, annyeong!

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