Monday, 7 October 2013

#SHINeeComebackSpecial and #HappyXingDay


yesterday was the day for SHINee comeback special and they performed their new songs at gangnam hallyu festival. shinee was the last idol to perform their song thus sm make it into their special stage in order to introduce to the fans their new songs in the mini album 'everybody'.

sm made a live streaming in youtube and i barely could watch it because it's maghrib time tho. when the talk session there's almost no lagging at all but it sucks when they performed symptoms and everybody. sobs even though i could watch talk session clearly but yeah you know me i can't understand hangul. hmm but it was nice because i can see many interactions between shinee and exo and it was worth to me. 

shinee was successfully performed six songs which is dream girl, lucifer, sherlock, selene 6.23, symptoms and everybody. sobs they performed selene 6.23 LIVE it's my favourite ballad song of shinee. jonghyun's vocal and high note, minho's sing and everything phhh so nice. they also performed while sitting on chair and ofc they've got their feeling. 

finally when shinee performed 'everybody' for the first time i was like being freeze for a while hahaa. everybody's choreo is quite fun and tiring. their outfits is like an officer with a hat as expected from the teaser hahaa. today sm has released a teaser for everybody's mv and i definitely can't wait for them to upload a full version. 

baekhyun and suho became the mc for shinee's comeback special along with jang hyunmoo (it's mucifer, yeah you know him lol). at the end of the event, all other exo members come out and greet fans. and believe me darling, you can see there's a lot of the shineexo interaction. i like their interactions of sunbae-hubae. they're supporting each other. that's why i stan this two group. they're so precious to me

yesterday's night also we've countdown to yixing's birthday. he's birthday is on 7 october and other exo members were wishing him on the stage after their own performance of growl. you can see them wished him in video here. 

exocythosises (lol haha it's fake) were trending #HappyXingDay on twitter in order to celebrate yixing's birthday. i'm not sure about this hashtag being on what number on worldwide trending but i believe on exo stans power. i'm not there at that time because i've to finish my homework and sleep. and talking about yixing, what i like the most about him is that he's smile is so cute especially he's pimples. aahhh i can't help myself but screaming seeing his pimples so cute so cute. he's smile, pimples and his cute face made a nice combination. he looks so cute. thanks to god

happy birthday boy! #HappyXingDay