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hmm i guessed all of you must have heard about it. i mean, why not you. this incident was broadcasted around the world. missing Malaysia Airline Flight MH370 was broadcasted around the world and being talked about. let me give you a brief information in case you've miss it. at 2.40am 8 mac 2014, malaysia airline named MH370 was being reported disappeared from air traffic controllers and it cannot be detected at every single country. this flight was supposed to depart at beijing at estimate time 6.30am from klia, malaysia. it have been reported missing as half on the way to beijing which is vietnam airspace.

nobody knows what's going to happen and where are the flight right now. sobs there's 239 people on board include crews. only Allah know. i sincerely being so sad and teared up since the news reported this. more than half of the passengers are chinese while malaysian is about 38 passengers. yeah but it's still people and it involve people's life. i hope all of them will be in safe and sound condition especially malaysian.

come to think about what happened in past few hours, some of malaysian doesn't even have the empathy side on themselves. i seriously can't get over people obviously making fun with this incident. can't you put yourself in their condition. i do not want to say what they've did but just to shorten it, they do not respect them at all. yeah maybe some of it. but helloo even people from other countries praying for their safety right now.

i hope people won't spread rumour easily. make sure it is being confirmed by MAS in first hand. please please don't tell others the false info. think about their family. they must been so sad and confused. it's really meant but they (even other countries) said that the flight crashed on the island near vietnam. this is fake guys. the passengers' family must been heart-broken once they hear it. sobs. but i'm really glad right now because many countries offer a help in order to search them. thank you very much.

don't you cry and broke after seeing this. i hope they can meet their family soon. yeah SOON. it's unpredictable i hope they can be found fastly. it has been 15+ hours since they lost. lost to somewhere unknown that only Allah SWT know. last for all, let's take a silentary moment to send our sincere prayer to the Owner for them to be found in good condition. Amiin Ya Rabbal Alamiin

i'm sorry that i'm cried again while writing this. i know this is not as much as the passengers' family would cry but i just can't stop --- but i need to calm down and keep on praying. someday Allah will grant our doa.

# i wrote because i care what about you .

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