Saturday, 2 March 2013

Giveaway by kak ain & snow


Do click the banner to joinn

Hey I'm joined this giveaway. Sorry peeps because I've not updated my blog for such a long time. I'm really really busy (with twitter and fangirling). And now I've updated with joining giveaway. Later I will updated with random post and be back to blogging !! Hohoho ^0^ Happy? kkkk

Okay kembali pada entry asal. I'm joining this giveaway and and guess what.. The prizes for this giveaway is super awesome. That's why lahh I'm writing for a new post right now. Jom tengok hadiah nya.

tudung bawal two tone

korean keychain 2per person

teddy keychain 1per person

big2 tiddy size big2lah! xD 1 per person

special present for 10 person... inside?
xD muahahaha -.- secret

To penganjur: Saya mesti menang hadiah hadiah kat atas ni sebab semua hadiah awesome belaka. That teddy bear, keychain ahh daebak! Dah lama tak menang hadiah dekat ga. Kalau ada rezeki menang kan best :)

p/s: Sorry for my broken english :P