Wednesday, 2 January 2013

KPOP Lovers Giveaway by Amira & Jannah


Do click the Minho and GD to join XD

Annyeong haseyo! Ehem. Ehem. Aku nak cuba nasib join giveaway pada awal tahun baru. Sape tahu mungkin bertuah kali nie. Aku kalu bab giveaway selalu takde rezeki nak menang. Hahaha LOL. Hadiah kebanyakannya Kpop merchandise. Syok tuu. Bismillah..

Tuan empunya giveaway mintak peserta jawab soalan nie. So dengan berbesar hatinya aku nak jawab. Hohoho.

The Kpop group that I like the most is BTOB. No one can change it. And I wouldn't be able to deny it. It's true either. Hahaha sorry for my broken english ㅋㅋㅋ. The reason I love them is hmm.. They're so handsome, cute, talkative in front of the camera, photogenic and also talented. All of the members can play instrument well like guitar, piano, bass and many more. Besides, they're so good in dance. They're all will be able to learn a new dance in a short time. Ohh yaa, don't forget about rap. OMO Changsub's free style rapper is daebak. And even maknae Sungjae and Eunkwang the leader can rap too. I watch this on their BTOB MTV DIARY. And the biggest reason why I want to be the real Melody forever and ever is because BTOB appreciate Melody well. Everytime, everywhere and whatever they're doing, Melody will be on their mind. Honestly, I did not lie. Minhyuk wrote this on their fancafe. They thanked to Melody for being with them with their daebak fan service. I like this!

The conclusion is I really really love BTOB and also the CUBE. I'm a CUBE stan. This rookie group has made my day more brighten. BTOB Hwaiting!